Thanks for coming by to visit! My name is Rob and I hope to blog here about some of my adventures in working with yoyo’s.

The yoyo world is advancing at such a rapid rate and as the players get better and better, so do the yoyo’s. Far from the days of one-piece wooden yoyo’s, today’s offerings are made from aerospace materials including carbon fiber and titanium and using ball bearing technology to achieve spin times lasting upwards of fifteen minutes for a single throw!

As for me, my job is to make these space age yoyo’s even better!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ryan Hough said

    Are you still around? i would love to know how u modded that lyn fury.

    • robtsou said

      Hi Ryan, For that one, I cut the rings off of a Custom Axl, then turned down the Lyn Fury to fit the rings and pressed them together.

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